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Ms. Walker

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Kelley Walker's Fifth Grade Class

Reading and Language Arts

  Daily Class Schedule

7:45                  Morning Meeting 

7:55-9:30          Block 1 (Walker)

9:30-9:55          Block 2 (Lunsford)

9:55-10:45       Specials: PE-Mon, Tues, Thurs     

10:50-11:40     Power Up

11:40-12:50     Block 2

12:50-1:20       Lunch

1:20-2:50         Block 3 (Lankford)

2:50-3:05         Recess

3:05                 Dismiss Day Care / After School Buses

3:20                 Dismiss Car Riders

3:35                 Dismiss Bus Riders





owl reading

 Classroom Expectations
Be Self-Controlled

-this means you control yourself,

-that you make good decisions, and

-that you do what you are supposed to do.