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Mrs. Byrd



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 Welcome to Mrs. Byrd’s Class!



Contact Information:

Conference time is 10-10:50 Daily

Bonner Elementary. (936) 875-9212



1. Be responsible (prepared for class with needed materials)

2. Be safe (keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself)

3. Be respectful (to ALL: peers, teachers, administrators, and visitors)

4. Use self-control at all times. (appropriate actions and words)

5. Stay focused and on task. (follow directions and do your best)

 Class Schedule

 7:50-8:00       Morning Meeting

                 8:00-9:35       Block 1 (Homeroom)

                 9:40-10:00        Block 2(Davis)

                 10:00-10:50      PE, Dave, Music

                 10:50-11:30         Power Up

                  11:30-12:35         Block 2 (cont)

                  12:45-1:15         Lunch

                  1:05-1:30        Block 2(cont)

                  1:30-1:45        Recess

                  1:50-3:15        Block 3 (McHaney) 

                  3:20            Car Rider Dismissal

                    3:35           Bus Rider Dismissal





Meredyth Byrd

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