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Kanke's Kronicles

I plan to add information daily that is useful to you right here on this page. I will also occassionally mention a specific web site or activity that I would like your child to complete during the week. Encourage your child to expore the websites I have provided on the Instructional Resources and Websites page.

Visit often!

3/24/20 Epic is now available for your child to use at home. Please read the instructions in the left column under Mrs. Kanke’s Navigation. This is different from the way students accessed the site at school.
3/25/20 Did not get a message to you last night but I was able to face time a couple of students and visit with parents.  Please please contact me with any questions or if the kids would like to talk.
3/26/20 Completed some ARDS today. Strange to all be on our computers, but  It went well.  ZOOM seems to be the way Hudson is conferencing.  I was at school this afternoon preparing materials for next week. Please remember that on Tues March 31 you can pick up food sacks and packets. If you need meals go to Peavy then come to Bonner. It is required that I contact you and my students every week. I miss you all so much I hope we can have more contact.  This weekend I will be preparing some lessons and stories that will be put on the website. I hope you have had time to look at the resources and websites. There are some really neat things for the kids. Be sure to read the information about logging onto EPIC. More tomorrow.
3/29/20 Parents, I have been working on the instructional website. Please notice there are three math websites, that when you click on the name, you will go directly to the page. EPIC has been revised. You can access EPIC at home now. Please read the new instructions.  REMEMBER TO PICK UP NEW PACKETS ON TUESDAY, MARCH 31. 
3/30/20 Packet pick up is tomorrow. I tried to contact all of you as a reminder. I hope that my packets will be improving. I am quite sure that as parents you might feel a little overwhelmed. As for me I am quite overwhelmed. Knowing that you probably have more than just our mutual student at home, please do not let the packets stress you. If there seems to be too much, then with your student pick and choose, or do all the odd or all the even problems in math.  I am working on next week’s packet now and I plan to have more hands on fun activites for the students. Please do follow on down this website and check out the Instructional resources. There are some really positive websites and user friendly too.  :)
4/1/20 All but one packet was picked up, or parent notified me of other arrangements.  I hope that my packets are becoming more manageable. I certainly do not want to add to stress.  I am still hoping to contact more of you this week and to have the opportunity to speak with my student. I totally understand that some of the children are not here locally, so I will await their return.  I hope that you have helped your student access some of the websites.  Please feel comfortable to call me or text me or email me anytime. 
4/2/20 You will find at the end of this pages there is place for you to make comments. i will check daily to see if anyone has written back to me.  I did not know that was an option until today. Sorry about that. But it is available now.:)
4/3/20 I have been in contact with many of the students or parents through text, and or phone calls. If we have not made contact, please try to call me at 936-366-3914.  New packets for Week #3 will be ready for pick up at Bonner on April 7.  I tried to include some activities other than paper and pencil.  Hopefully, the family will have fun with the scavenger hunt. 
4/8/20 Hi there!  Ms. Kanke has added two more stories to our website.  Go to Story Time with Mrs. Kanke.  Thank you for working onyour packets. i hope you enjoyed the outdoor activities. Call me.  
4/16/20 By now you should have packets weeks 4 and 5. If you have any questions about activities or materials please contact me.  There are more stories available on Story Time.  I have heard from Ms. Grubb, technology teacher, that CLEVER has been improved and access should be easier for the students.  I am still trying to contact some of you on a more regualr basis, please feel free to contact me. I know that you parents are very busy and many of you are still going to work or working at home. I miss everyone. My hopes are that you entire family is well and managing through this pandemic. 
4/20/20  Tomorrow should begin Week #5 packet.  Please do not overwhelm yourself worrying whether you are ready for Week 5.  It is my hope that your student is able to accomplish as much as is possible and reasonable.  Mr. Webb should have sent you a notice that you will pick up three packets a week from tomorrow. These will be the final packets.  As I contact parents this week, I will try to answer your questions to the best of myknowledge of the circumstances.  I added new stories today.  I hope your student enjoys them.
4/24  The Great Kapok Tree has been added to the Story Time in honor of Earth Day Celebration. Remember Tuesday you will pick up three packets. The last packet is very full and intended to take the kids through the end of June and or into July.  Mr. Webb really encourages that the students continue to practice. So do I.  Somehow this summer, I hope to meet in person with each student to show my appreciation for their work and efforts. 
May 5  Students should be working on the final packets by this time.  Please let nothing overwhelm you. Forty-five to sixty minutes a day is good.  I am enjoying reading with the students.  Please feel comfortable to contact me at anytime.  I have included my cell number a number of times. I also have,, SKYPE and face time on my phone. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. 


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