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About Neuhaus

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Neuhaus is a reading program for students who are in need of explicit phonics instruction. It includes phonics instruction and oral language instruction. We use the following lesson plan:

Reading Decks Activity:
This activity promotes automaticity of sound-symbol correspondences and recognition of morphemes.
New Concept Introduction:
This activity systematically introduces the structure of the language. Multisensory guided discovery is used to introduce new concepts.
Reading Practice:
This activity promotes instant word recognition and fluency to support comprehension.
Students establish phonological and phonemic awareness.
Students review regular words with the Regular Word Deck after reading a Reading Practice.
Students learn and review irregular words with the Irregular Word Deck.
Students increase fluency and accuracy rates through repeated readings of decodable texts.
Oral Language Activity and Listening Comprehension:
This activity promotes the development of oral language, word knowledge, and listening comprehension.