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Conduct Policy

Ms. Esparza and Ms. Grubb’s

Conduct/Work Habits Policy


#1 Rule: “Be Self-Controlled” Self-controlled means that you control yourself, that you make good decisions, and that do what you are supposed to do.


Conduct Policy


Students will lose conduct points for the following: (2 points for each infraction)

  1. Disrupting Class 5. Not paying attention

  2. Not using time wisely 6. Talking out

  3. Not following directions 7. Lack of respect (4 points)

  4. Desk/area not clean 8. Office Visit (10 points)


Work Habit Policy


Students will lose work habit points for the following: (2 points for each infraction)

  1. Incomplete Classwork or Homework

  2. Not having classroom materials

  3. Not on task

  4. Lack of quality work


Possible Rewards

  1. Fun Friday

  2. Classroom rewards/privileges

  3. Extra recess


Possible Consequences


  1. Isolated lunch 5. Loss of privileges

  2. Parent contact 6. Standing out at recess/game time

  3. Office visit 7. Loss of Fun Friday

  4. Alternate detention/suspension




After reading and discussing the conduct policy with your parents, please sign and return to your teacher.


Student’s Name___________________________________________

Parent’s Signature_________________________________________