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Conduct Policy

Conduct Policy

Students will lose conduct points for the following:

(5 points for each negative behavior)

  • Being disrespectful
  • Unkind to others
  • Not turning in homework or incomplete homework (work habbits) 

(2 points for each negative behavior)

  • Talking out (while the teacher is talking or during independent work)
  • Not following directions
  • Out of classroom behavior

Possible rewards:

  • Fun Friday
  • 9 week conduct party (must have a 90 or above average)
  • Classroom rewards
  • Extra recess

Possible consequences:

  • Isolated lunch
  • Loss of privileges (including Fun Friday)
  • Parent contact
  • Note home
  • Office visit
  • Below 90 – loss of conduct party
  • Alternate detention/suspension

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