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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Text Box: This Week’s Lesson Plans This week in Science, we will be learning about animal and plant adaptations, inherited traits, instincts, learned characteristics, and complete and incomplete metamorphosis.  We will busy little bees this week!  Your child will be taking notes and adding some new vocabulary words to their Science Journals.  You might want to look and see what all they are learning about and get them to tell you about it.  It will help them to internalize the information.  I allow them to use their journals to take tests with, so you can see how important it is for them to have their journal with them at all times and to write down their notes in a neat and orderly fashion.  I encourage them to highlight the important words or phrases so they can spot them quickly when taking a test. Vocabulary Words for this Week              


adaptations                                         camouflage

predator                                               prey

structural adaptation                         Behavioral Characteristics

niche                                                     inherited traits

instincts                                                learned characteristics

incomplete metamorphosis              complete metamorphosis

insect egg                                             larva

pupa                                                      nymph

adult                                                      life cycle

germinate                                             seedling

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