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Weekly Homework


Each week your child will be expected to complete self-selected activities from a spelling contract.  These will be given out on Monday, and they will be due on Friday.  Each Thursday I will give a pretest; if the student makes a 100, that score will be recorded for the week's test grade.  If any words are missed on the pretest, I will give that practice paper back to review for Friday's test.

Remember to use each week for practice!


Also, your child will be responsible for a grammar test each week.  We refer to it as the DLR (Daily Language Review) practice.  We do a section each day in class; I review all the answers and allow students to correct their practices.  Then sentences are chosen from the week for students to correct.  This will be taken as a grade.


Vocabulary words are also tested on a weekly basis.  You can find the words and definitions on the current week at a glance on my home page.