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Rules & Procedures

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Team Rules and  Procedures   

The school day begins promptly at 7:55 with the tardy bell ringing at 8:00. It is very important for your child to attend school as regularly as possible.  Please keep in mind that it is extremely hard to make up the work that is missed when absent.

This binder will be carried to each class, then home EVERYDAY!  This is a great way to help us ALL stay organized and responsible.  Inside the binder you will find important papers, homework assignments, forms to be signed, etc.  Your child will have homework every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Please check this notebook daily as students often forget to give you the important info! 


           1. Be responsible (prepared for class with needed materials)

2. Be safe (keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself)

3. Be respectful (to ALL: peers, teachers, administrators, and visitors)

4. Use self-control at all times. (appropriate actions and words)

5. Stay focused and on task. (follow directions and do your best)

Consequences for students not following the rules may include:

Verbal warning, loss of privilege, parent note or phone call, office intervention, etc.



Email is the most efficient way to contact us.  Feel free to email us at any time.    -   -  
Our conference time is 10-10:50 daily.  Please schedule conferences in advance. (Bonner Elem. 936-875-9212) You can also send a note in your child’s binder and we will do our best to respond that day. 
The only homework in science will be studying for our bi-weekly tets.  Students will have an interactive journal that they will use to study for all their tests.
6.  LUNCH, 12:35 - 1:05:
Please send lunch money on Mondays! J Again, students will not be allowed to share food.  You are welcome to bring lunch, but only for your child.  You are allowed to eat lunch with your own children, but will need to sit together at the visitor’s table in the cafeteria.  Due to school policies, your child’s friends will not be permitted to eat at the visitor’s table with you.  You are not allowed to bring for any other child but your own.  This is a state of Texas policy, not Hudson I.S.D.

We will be sending a graded paper/conduct folder every Tuesday. Please review the work and discuss any conduct issues. You will need to sign the weekly conduct sheet.  Any papers below a 70 will also need to be signed and returned in the folderAll other papers may be kept at home.   If the folder is not returned by Thursday, points will be deducted from conduct/work habits.


8.  SNACKS: 
We will have a snack-time everyday in the afternoon. Please send a snack that is not messy. Some healthy snack suggestions include crackers, pretzels, fruit, and nuts. If your child brings a spicy snack, please send a water bottle as well. Unfortunately, students are not allowed to share snacks.  We will be very strict on this matter as our school will be audited this year concerning our food policy.




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