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Classroom Conduct Policy

3rd Grade Conduct Policy


Conduct/Work Habits Point Scale

Talking Out (T) -2                                  No Homework (HW) -2

Up without Permission (UP) -2               Not On Task (OT) - 2

Disrupting Class (DC) -2                         Not Paying Attention (NPA) -2

Not Using Time Wisely (TW) -2            No Materials (NM) -2

Not Following Rules (NFR) -2               Lack of Quality Work (LQW) -2

Not Following Directions (NFD) -2        Lack of Repect (LOR) -2

Desk/Area Not Clean (DSK) -2             Other (Music, Art,Cafeteria)  (MDC) -2

Office Visit (OFF) – 5                          


Possible Rewards

  • Fun Fridays
  • Nine Week Conduct Party (must have 90 or above)
  • Classroom Rewards (Fuzzies, Prize Box, Computer Time, etc)
  • Conduct Lunch Party

Possible Consequences

  • Standing out at recess or game time
  • Isolated lunch
  • Loss of privileges
  • Parent contact
  • Below 90 – lost Nine Week Conduct Party
  • Office Visit
  • After school detention
  • Alternate detention/suspension

Cut along the dotted line.  Keep the top portion for your records and return the bottom portion to your teacher.



After reading and discussing this conduct policy with your parents, please sign and return this portion to your teacher.

Student’s Name:______________________________________

Parent’s Signature:____________________________________