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Educational Websites

Image that corresponds to Clever

Use this to find our most used websites!  EDUCATION GALAXY,  GOOGLE CLASSROOM,  GMAIL,  HMH (OUR READING BOOK),  QUIZIZZ,  BRAIN POP and more!


Our page is found under Hudson Independent School District.  Remember to log in with your alpha key and use 0+lunch number for the password (no spaces).  

EXAMPLE:   walkekel000


The Clever browser extension is required for SSO (Saved Passwords) applications to work properly. Single sign-on is available for many applications on Clever without a browser extension, but for a subset of applications, a browser extension is required. Currently, we support Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Please note: If your students are accessing these applications from home, please make sure that the extension is installed on their home computers as well.

Download Links

You can download the Clever extension by following the link for the corresponding browser.


Image that corresponds to Epic

Online books available with thousands of choices!  Our class code is RNH 7984.

My YouTube Channel
Image that corresponds to My YouTube Channel

Video updates and lessons.

Image that corresponds to Quizlet

We use this for vocabulary practice.

Bonner Library Search
Image that corresponds to Bonner Library Search

This website is useful to see if we have a particular title in our school library, and it also shows if the book is in or checked out.

AR Quiz Finder
Image that corresponds to AR Quiz Finder

Use this website when you'd like to see if a particular book has an AR quiz available.   This site is also useful to find out the AR level of a book.

Image that corresponds to ReadTheory

Read Theory is a place to practice reading comprehension skills. The site gives a pretest so each student is on their own individual reading level for the practices online.   I have given you the login and password for this site on your pink page.  Remember to use your alpha-numeric login like you do use for school computers, then the password is your lunch number and @hisd (XXXX@hisd).

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