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Physical Education

                                Welcome to Bonner Elementary Physical Education!

Robert Smith

Josh Stewart

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Student Expectations   Daily Schedule
1.  Be respectful to others.   7:50 - 9:25    Middle School Athletics
2.  Listen, with no talking when instruction is being given   10:00 - 10:50   5th Grade PE
3.  Always use equipment properly   11:00 - 11:50    5th Grade PE
4.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.   11:50 - 12:35    Lunch & Conference
    12:35 - 1:25     3rd Grade PE
    1:25 -  2:15      3rd Grade PE
    2:30  - 3:30    HS Athletics

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Hi everyone, 

I know it's probably hard to be physically active while stuck at home during this time of turmoil.  However, being active and getting your heart rate up each day



printable link :RUN CLUB

Here is a weekly plan your whole family can follow! 


lesson plan

GAME OF THE WEEK – Laundry Basket Hot Shot (watch the video link for info!)



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Here is a great workout for you and your family!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt



create a game

pe week 4

deam schedule



1 minute workouts

Game Links:

Fitness Uno!

Slam Ball!

Locomotor Shapes!



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