Janie Vandergriff

   Welcome to Mrs. Vandergriff's 4th Grade

 Math / Science / Social Studies


                                               Student Expectations
1) Be Respectful to All Adults and Other Students
2) Follow Directions
3) Talk with Permission
4) Exhibit Correct Behavior Outside of Classroom (P.E., Cafeteria, Hallway, Restroom, etc..)
5) Complete all Classwork and Homework
6) Have All Necessary Materials
7) Write Your Name on All Work
8) Be On Task, Focused, and Hard-Working


                             Daily Class Schedule
      7:50     Pick up students from the gym
 7:55-8:10   Math/Science/Social Studies with Home Room
 8:10-9:00   Power Up
 9:05-9:55  Conference (Split class to DAVE, Music, P.E. daily)
 9:55-12:00    Math/Science/Social Studies with Home Room
 12:00-12:30  Lunch
 12:30-12:45 Recess
   12:45         Restroom, Water, and Prepare to Change Classes
 12:50-3:15 Math/Science/Social Studies with Strong's Home Room
 3:15 Switch back to Home Rooms
 3:20 Car Riders/Day Care Bus Dismissal
 3:35 Bus Riders/After School Care Dismissal